NASCAR's Corey Lajoie is really getting his face out there

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There is always a lot of color along pit road at Daytona International Speedway. There are also are a lot of close calls when racing there. One car just might exemplify both.

Friday marks nine days from the Great American Race in Daytona and drivers are getting ready for Speed Week. Qualifying and the Clash are Sunday, but it's the calm before the storm at the world center of stock car racing with practices set for Saturday.

Cup cars will take to the track for the first time and already Corey Lajoie's Mustang is getting a lot of buzz. Not from under the hood, but what's on the hood of the No. 32 Ford.

It's Lajoie's face with locks and sweet beard showing off.

Lajoie told FOX 5 Sports' Cody Chaffins he wasn't a big fan of the paint job at first, but he said there weren't many other options. This was the one they wanted to go with and he said it has since grown on him seeing all the publicity it has built up.

He said despite wearing makeup, you can see every pore and every hair on his face. He wishes they would have given a little more Photoshop time to it.

Regardless, it's not a bad photo. And one can only imagine the reaction from another driver seeing Lajoie's face grow larger in the rearview mirror before passing.

Here is to hoping he doesn't get into any hairy situations on the track.

FOX 5 Sports' Cody Chaffins is on assignment in Daytona, Florida for coverage of Speed Week and the 61st running of the Daytona 500 which airs on FOX.