K-ROD says 'keep expectations low' with Gurley addition

Two-time All-Pro, NFL Rookie of the year, NFL Offensive Player of the year —What’s there not to like about Todd Gurley?!

The Falcons certainly seem excited.  They sent out a tweet that simply said, “We Got Him!”

I prefer to keep expectations low.

First of all, it is a minor miracle that the Falcons went out and got a former UGA player!  That, surprisingly almost never happens.

And that now makes three SEC pickups in the span of a single week! (Hurst, Fowler, Gurley).

Unfortunately, when you think of Todd Gurley, you think of the knee injuries and his famously surly demeanor (which doesn’t always sit well with sensitive reporters who I will not mention).

We just don’t know who Todd Gurley is right now.  Why would the Rams let him go?Gurley cannot carry a full load as a running back.  Thankfully, in the Falcons system, he won’t be asked to.  But he will have to share time with one or two other backs.

I’m just saying, keep expectations low!

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He’s been called a “one of a kind talent,” and I agree.  But we never seem to see him reach full potential.  Never seems to fulfill his longterm promise.  It didn’t happen with the Rams.  And neither did it happen with the Georgia football program.  Remember, he left Athens early following a season that was cut short by an NCAA suspension and knee injury.  

For the Falcons, this was a safe move.  It’s only a one year deal between $5 and $6 million dollars.  If Gurley stays healthy and comes anywhere near the production he is capable of, it will be a great move!