Australian rules football star pays homage to Julio Jones -- in ink

Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones has won over fans all around the world. That includes at least one fan on the other side of the world, whose devotion is more than skin deep.

"He just amazes you," said Charlie Cameron.

While Jones is one of the top players in the NFL, Cameron is one of the top players in the AFL -- the Australian Football League, playing Australian Rules Football. It's a free-flowing sport with elements of American football, rugby, and soccer.

Cameron plays for the Brisbane Lions, a top championship contender as the AFL plays a condensed schedule after COVID delayed their season. Cameron has also been named to the All-Australia Team, which a team spokesman says is similar to the Pro Bowl but without an actual exhibition game.

Cameron, a goal-scoring standout, does all this while waking up around 3 a.m. many Monday mornings. That's because 3 a.m. Monday for him is Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, meaning it's time to watch his favorite team and favorite player. Cameron says he became a Falcons supporter, especially of Julio Jones, after seeing the team on the 2014 edition of HBO's "Hard Knocks."

[Jones is] just an [athletic]," said Cameron. "The way he goes about it, doesn't say much. I watch a lot of NFL interviews, a lot of people say he doesn't say much, just goes out there and does his work. He backs it up every week. "

Cameron says the NFL is relatively popular in Australia, and he plays in a fantasy football league with teammates. His fandom recently got a lot more attention after a tattoo he has caught the attention of Falcons fans.

"I got it last December," said Cameron of the tattoo.

The artwork on one of his calves is of Julio Jones. Recently, Falcons fans started sharing the picture on social media. Cameron got a kick out of attention from Falcons fans from the other side of the world. Cameron says he just wants to show his admiration for Jones.

"Love your game, how you go about your business," said Cameron. "I think you are the greatest receiver of all time, obviously the best at the moment. That's what I can say."