Young Thug/YSL trial: A tired Kenneth Copeland returns to witness stand

A key witness in the Young Thug/YSL trial, which has captured national attention, took the stand again on Monday morning in Fulton County.

Kenneth Copeland, aka Lil Woody, is a witness in the Fulton County prosecutors' case against Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug.

Jeffery Williams, aka Young Thug, was arrested on May 9, 2022, along with 27 other suspected gang members in Buckhead, as part of a 56-count indictment.

Prosecutors allege that Young Thug and two other individuals co-founded a violent criminal street gang in 2012 called Young Slime Life, or YSL. The indictment states that Young Thug "made YSL a well-known name by referring to it in his songs and on social media."

Most of those initially charged have already made deals with the state. Five defendants remain on trial along with Williams, including Shannon Stillwell, Deamonte Kendrick, Marquavius Huey, Quamarvious Nichols and Rodalius Ryan.

Copeland allegedly agreed to provide information about Young Thug and others in an attempt to avoid returning to prison after being caught with a gun as a convicted felon. He began testifying for the prosecution last week after initially being held in contempt. 

However, he has been less than cooperative on the stand, often responding with "I don't recall" or "I don't remember." He frequently asks the prosecutor, "Whatchu mean?" and exhibits behavior suggesting he is bored or annoyed to be there, often yawning and rolling his eyes.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Glanville has had to remind him several times to stand up when the jury enters or leaves the room. At one point, he was told to stop spinning in the witness chair. Additionally, he has complained of being lightheaded, hot, and thirsty while testifying. 


When Copeland initially took the stand last week, the prosecutor asked him how old he is, to which he responded, "I'm grown." He also declared on Tuesday that he no longer liked his attorney, saying, "She fired. I don't want her."

On Thursday, Copeland started answering "yes" to every question. When asked if he was doing so to speed things up, he replied "yes" again. Later, he admitted that he wasn't being truthful during previous interviews with police and was trying to convince them of his innocence to avoid trouble.

Day 93 (today) of the trial in Fulton County began with similar behavior from Copeland. When the court clerk reminded him to stand as the jury entered the room, he replied, "I'm tired." After sitting down, he began yawning and then put his head on his hand. Shortly after, when the prosecutor asked if she could approach the bench, he replied, "No."

Similar behavior continued as the prosecution began playing video of his past conversations with police officers. Copeland could be seen stretching and yawning repeatedly while in the witness chair. 

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Court broke early for lunch due to a problem with the air conditioning.

When court resumed after the lunch break, it was announced that someone may have tested positive for COVID and masks were distributed.

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The judge also said that he would have the courtroom deep cleaned after court on Monday.