Wreaths displayed across Cherokee County have deeper meaning

Wreaths with green lights can be seen across Cherokee County. They are part of the "Keep the Wreath Green" campaign and serve as a visual reminder about fire safety.

"It's an awareness campaign so people will remember to watch out for things that cause fires in their homes. We start out with all green lights, when there's a structure fire at a home or a business, we change one of the green bulbs to a red bulb," said Lisa Grisham with Cherokee County Fire Emergency Services.

The wreaths are on display outside fire stations and other places in the county throughout December. Grisham said it's one of the worst months for fires. With the cooler weather, people use space heaters and other sources for heat, and during the holidays, people cook more, have candles in their homes, and have Christmas trees.

"What we want you to do is remember to water that Christmas tree, make sure all candles are blown out before leaving the house, pay attention when you're cooking," said Grisham.

For now, just one of the green bulbs was swapped out for a red one after a house fire. Fire officials hope it's enough of a reminder that it will make people stop, take a moment and think about fire safety.

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"It's such a visual message that we can easily see and in that reminder, they think 'oh no there has been a fire, I need to go back to the house and look for things that might be a danger," said Grisham.

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