Woman Wields Ax Handle to Defend Herself from Burglar

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As a burglar tries to open a window into an apartment with two women home, one of them stands in the living room ready to defend herself with her trusty ax handle.

"If someone hopped through the window I was prepared I suppose," said Sarah Norman, a college student at Georgia State University.

The ordeal happened Monday night in the Inman Court Apartments on Dixie Avenue in the Inman Park neighborhood.

"We heard this weird noise-- a metal crunching noise," Norman said. She and her roommate went to investigate and found the window screen pried open.

"We heard tussling of the leaves and jumped back from the window," she said. Norman grabbed the axe handle given to her by her father, and stood ready; eventually, her roommate heard someone run off.

While her window is still in a state of disrepair, another neighbor tells FOX 5 News a similar ordeal happened Sunday morning to another, and she called 911 as she believed someone tried to pry open a window.

"We definitely feel vulnerable. Someone obviously, while we were there, was trying to take the window off," Norman said.

Atlanta Police cannot yet say if this attempted burglary is connected to other local crimes.