Woman fights to find her Jeep after renting it out through popular app

A woman rented out her Jeep through a popular app, but she never got it back. She says the guy who rented it from her tried to report it stolen, but police say there is not much they can do.

Lyne Davis says she rented out her Jeep Wrangler to a guy on the Turo app, which lets user share a personal vehicle for a fee. She met with the man on Tuesday, April 11. "I provided him the keys," Davis said.

Davis says he rented it for one day. "He was supposed to return it April 12 at 2 p.m.," she said. 

She received troubling notice later on Tuesday. "April 11, at 11:16 p.m., I got an alert that the tracking device power had been disconnected," Davis said.


She also got notified the Jeep was involved in a crash. "There was a crash notification April 11 at 11:14," she said.

Davis says the man contacted her on the app on Wednesday, April 13, to extend the rental. Then she got a message she did not want to read. "He contacted me through the app, let me know the vehicle had been stolen," Davis said.

The man tried to report it stolen from Harwell Road in northwest Atlanta, according to an Atlanta Police incident report.

"At first, he was cooperative," Davis said. Then he disappeared. "He stopped responding. I started calling. He didn’t respond."

Davis tried to report her jeep as stolen, but, according to the incident report, since Davis entered a civil contract with the guy who rented her Jeep, police cannot report the car as stolen.


Police told Davis she would have to file for an arrest at Fulton County Magistrate Court if she suspected her he took her jeep.

"They told me it would be two to three months before I could get an appointment to see a judge to tell my side of the story to determine if they’d issue a warrant," Davis said.

Davis is now out of a Jeep with no idea of what happened or the man who rented it. "I don’t know where he is. I feel helpless," she said.