Woman falls victim to crooks twice in a week

A Woodstock woman says crooks have smashed the windows of her car and her dad's truck within a week. 

Alexis Holley lives in Woodstock but was visiting friends in Atlanta both times this happened. 

The latest happened Monday night at the Apex apartment parking deck in midtown. 

She said she left her dad's truck parked for about an hour and came back to find shattered glass all over the place. 

"Considering that my car got busted out a week ago, I was, are you serious? This is happening again?" Holley said. 

Holley said her friend's backpack was stolen from inside the truck, but everything else was left untouched. 

"There was a pair of Sony wireless headphones in there and like nothing else was touched," she said. "I guess they looked in, saw a book bag and thought and easy pick or something and smashed and grabbed." 

It wasn't until later Alexis and her dad noticed something strange. 

"Someone wrote ZOE on my back window with their finger. That's weird," said Jeff Holley. 

According to Atlanta Police crooks smashed windows of another car night and stole everything from an iPad to a wallet. 

It has been a frustrating week for both Jeff and Alexis, but they say there's nothing they can do but just pick up the pieces. 

"The likelihood that we're going to find out whoever did this is slim to none. It's just something you have to deal with now. It's New Years, Not exactly what I want to be dealing with today," Jeff Holley said.