Wild turkey given warning for causing Georgia traffic jam

Kennesaw police officers are used to dealing with some foul situations, but Thursday they had to deal with a whole different kind of fowl.

Officers say they were called to a traffic jam on Moonstone Road in the area of Kennesaw S. Industrial to investigate.

 "After a quick investigation, we located the turkey that was holding up traffic…..literally a turkey," the Kennesaw Police Department said.

Tom the Turkey (Kennesaw Police Department) (Kennesaw Police Department)

The turkey, which they named Tom, took off running when police approached him, yelling "something that sounded like a gobble." 

Officers quickly caught up to Tom in their patrol vehicle, which they say Tom took a liking to. The feathered suspect began running alongside the vehicle, which made it easy for police to escort him to a safe area.

"After a short rest from all the running, Tom received a verbal warning and encouraged to stop playing in the roadway," officials said.

(Kennesaw Police Department) (Kennesaw Police Department)

Despite the fun and unusual circumstances, officers warn residents that Tom is still a wild animal and could cause harm if cornered. He, and other wild turkeys, should not be approached by Georgians.

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