Wife of Chick-fil-a founder, Jeannette Cathy passes

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Courtesy: Chick-fil-a

A little less than a year after her husband passed away, Chick-fil-A co-founder Jeannette Cathy has died. 

The Atlanta native was born December 23, 1922 and met her future husband in childhood; the pair lived in the same neighborhood. After meeting his future life partner at 8 years old, S. Truett Cathy has said "I immediately had a crush on her that I have never gotten over."

The pair married in 1948 and began to turn his once little diner 'Truett's Original Dwarf House' into their soon-to-be chicken sandwich empire. 

As matriarch of one of the country’s largest family-owned companies, Jeannette played a key role in launching the Chick-fil-A brand, as well as driving many of the philanthropic efforts that are part of the Chick-fil-A legacy today. Co-recipient of the Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale Humanitarian Award, she and Truett created WinShape Foundation and WinShape Homes—the long-term foster care program serving more than 450 foster children through 13 homes in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

Jeannette has been described as a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

I can only imagine somewhere there are cows with signs that say "God Speed."