Why did APD boot recruits hours before being sworn in?

More than one dozen Atlanta Police recruits have been booted out of the academy hours before they were supposed to be sworn in to serve the city.

The department for months has probed allegation of cheating but these recruits maintain they did nothing that would deserve termination.

A spokesperson for APD did not specify why the action was taken, except to say the men and women did not meet standards.

Ronald Whaley, who spoke for nine terminated employees who visited FOX 5 offices on Friday, said the only potential violation he is aware of may have had to do with an assignment the very first week of academy training.

All recruits were paired with a partner. The instructors told them to write a paper about the background of the partner.

They pulled together the information using text messages and emails. They said when they told the truth about how they did the assignment; the teachers explained it had been done incorrectly.

Nine of the fifteen who spoke to FOX 5 said they hope to mount an appeal.

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