Vulgar anti-Hillary pins a big hit outside Republican National Convention

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Outside the Republican National Convention you can buy souvenir t-shirts, Make America Great Again hats and pins that compare Hillary Clinton to a piece of meat. 

We heard about the pins back at the media center, and it didn't take long for us to find them. Vendors were selling them just steps away from the security check point at the Quicken Loans Arena. 

Michelle, who was running one of the stands, said her best seller was the pin that says, "Life's a Bitch - Don't Vote for One". Of course it features a picture of Clinton. She was also selling a pin that compared Clinton to a piece of chicken, calling her thighs fat and her breasts small.

Another pin said "Vote No to Monica's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife". 

Michelle wasn't the only one selling the pins. Along 4th street, where restaurants have been converted to media studios, vendors and the pins could be found every few feet. Which made us wonder if the people scooping up the pins were members of the media themselves. There's nothing like a good souvenir from your trip to the political convention.

This isn't the first time the pins have been sold. Back in November, Time spotted the same pins at a Republican convention.  

Goes to sells. Or in this case...sexism.

We'll be on the lookout for the anti-Trump pins at the Democratic National Convention. We wouldn't be surprised if they are just as vulgar.