VIDEO: Woman drives away burglar

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Sandy Springs Police are searching for a burglar who gave one woman quite the scare. Police said the homeowner came home to find the burglar crawling through her bedroom window.

"That's not a situation a woman should come home to," said neighbor Debbie McCarthy, who comforted her neighbor through the ordeal. "[She saw] a man, her window broken in, and a man half in and half out," she said.

McCarthy's doorbell surveillance camera caught the whole situation on video. Police said the ordeal occurred in the early afternoon of September 20 at the Courtyards of Glenridge community off Roswell Road.

The video shows the man police identify as the suspect knocking on the victim's door and pacing the hallway several times; as police said the man broke into the woman's home, the homeowner in her vehicle, which FOX 5 has blurred, screamed and honked numerous times to drive the man away.

Police believe the man is in his 60s and is about 5'9" tall. He was seen wearing a navy blue shirt and navy blue pants.

McCarthy said she shared the video with her neighbors and is working to get surveillance cameras elsewhere in the community. She also makes sure to watch out for other women in her neighborhood.

"I think it's important for women to be prepared for different situations," she said.