Video: Teenagers attack school bus driver in DeKalb County

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Two female McNair High School students face serious charges after the attack of a DeKalb County school bus driver went viral on social media. 

Authorities charged one teenaged girl with aggravated assault and carrying a weapon on campus Friday, then arrested her again on Monday when she returned to school without permission to be McNair's property.

The second girl involved in the attack faces the same charges and remains at large, according to investigators.

School superintendent Dr. Steven Green said the bus driver was attacked from behind as she asked a student to take a seat Friday afternoon.

He described the attack, which was recorded by several students on the bus, as very disturbing.

"We need to be very clear here. Attacking or assaulting our employees is never tolerated in school or on a bus off-campus. It was terrible to see students with mace and a knife," Dr. Green told FOX 5's Portia Bruner.

Videos circulating on Instagram show a woman identified by authorities as the bus driver push one student off of her and hit her as the student sprayed mace in the driver's face.

"Our employees have an obligation to ensure their safety and the safety of other students. She was clearly attacked and that's just not acceptable," the superintendent said.

Authorities said the student was removed from the bus, then reentered the vehicle, headed straight to the driver seat and stabbed the victim in her right hand. In other videos, you see two or three students try to help the driver by pulling the attackers off of the bus driver. 

“We commend those students for doing the right thing, but the real issue here is that parents need to have some serious conversations about how they react to situations and how they control their emotions because I lack of control and lead to very serious consequences," Green said Tuesday.