Video, 911 call release of Lenox Square shooting

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It was chaos inside a Lenox Square restaurant on Mother's Day after someone pulled a gun and started firing.

No one was hit by the bullets and Atlanta police quickly apprehended the shooter.

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Another angle to this story has emerged with the first 911 call to the authorities. It came from a manager who kept her composure as patrons scrambled to get to safety.

The unidentified caller bolted from the kitchen upon hearing the shots and began ordering her staff to get themselves and guests to a safe position. At the same time, she calmly gave the communications dispatcher the required information to get help moving to the restaurant called Zinburger.

The call which lasted several minutes went so well, the call-taker is heard praising the manager.

A security expert, Greg Norred, listened to the call and said the important thing to remember is that if the leader of an organization fails to remain composed, then the employees underneath that manager likely will panic.

He praised the restaurant manager remarking that she could probably teach a class in crisis management.