Valdosta State University protester arrested in Fla.

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FOX 5 News has learned the Valdosta State University student activist wanted on possessing a gun on campus has been arrested.

In mid-April, a video went viral on YouTube about a dispute over an American flag. The dispute was between protesters and 38-year-old military veteran Michelle Manhart. She told FOX 5 she took the American flag from a group outside of the school because it was on the ground and the protesters were walking on it.

Police say Manhart was detained for questioning and later released.

Eric Sheppard, 22, who police say led the protests, was trampling on the flag, but he did not want to press charges against Manhart.

The protests were allowed on the college campus because VSU leaders said the demonstrations were protected under Sheppard's first amendment right. Sheppard was also reportedly seen destroying a Bible and burning a flag.

"I'm a terrorist towards lies," Sheppard said in one video. "I'm a terrorist toward liars and those who are weak. So yes I am a terrorist toward white people."

Officers became concerned when the protests appeared to turn more violent and witnesses told them they saw Sheppard threatening people.

FOX 5 cameras were there as campus police confronted Sheppard after the  violence reports. Just before they reached out to him, they say he dropped a backpack.

Investigators tell us they later found a gun in that backpack, but police had already let Sheppard go.

Police have been searching for the student ever since. Sheppard's lawyer says the gun was not in the honor student's possession. 

Sheppard was arrested Thursday in Florida and was taken to the Hillsborough County jail.

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