Uber dedicating more resources to combat human trafficking

In recognition of World Day against Trafficking in Persons, Uber is providing drivers and riders with information about the signs to identify and report human trafficking.

Being keenly aware of one's surroundings could prevent someone from falling victim to a violent and abusive lifestyle.

More than 400 human trafficking cases were reported in Georgia in 2019, according to the National Hotline for Human Trafficking. There were more than 11,000 reported across the country, the hotline reports.

That’s why Uber just released more resources on its app for drivers and those providing delivery services.

Brittany Anthony, head of women’s safety and policy at Uber, said the app now has a list of human trafficking red flags at drivers’ fingertips.

"They can be more aware of what they need to do should they ever have to call the human trafficking line," she told FOX5's Alex Whittler.

Some of the warning signs mentioned on the app include:

• Disoriented customers who are unaware of their surroundings

• Customers who are being coached on what to say or do

• Children and teens traveling late at night, specifically to hotels or other short-term lodgings.

• Disoriented passengers heading to travel hubs with little luggage

Uber works alongside Polaris and End Child Prostitution and Trafficking—or EPCAT. They’re two leading anti-trafficking agencies.

"We’ve also made a podcast in partnership with Polaris who operate the national human trafficking hotline," Anthony said.

This is the latest of Uber’s ongoing effort to combat trafficking.

Back in February, the rideshare app joined forces with Georgia’s First Lady, Marty Kemp and the international human trafficking institute to educate dozens of Atlanta- based drivers about recognizing and reporting human trafficking.

Riders can access information about identifying and reporting human trafficking at humantraffickinghotline.org/resources.