Tyler Perry urges Atlanta protesters to 'please stop the violence'

Atlanta media mogul Tyler Perry is asking demonstrators to "please stop the violence" in their protests over the death of George Floyd.

On Saturday, Perry shared video on Facebook of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms speaking on Friday before the first protests turned violent. Perry said he's not in Atlanta, but if he were he would have been standing with Bottoms.

"Please, please stop this violence!! Looting is NOT THE ANSWER," Perry wrote.

In the video, Bottoms passionately addressed the protesters at a news conference, saying “This is not a protest. This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. This is chaos.”


“You are disgracing our city,” she told protesters. “You are disgracing the life of George Floyd and every other person who has been killed in this country. We are better than this. We are better than this as a city. We are better than this as a country. Go home, go home.”

Perry also warned Georgians about where they were getting information about protests, saying some people are trying to instigate "violence and chaos."

"There are people and other countries who are posting things pretending to be US, pretending to stand for peaceful protest, but they are trying to incite us into violence and chaos to try and do more harm," he said. "Do not fall for this foolishness!!!"

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Perry is not the only major Atlanta figure asking demonstrators to avoid violence in their pursuit of justice. Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis urged demonstrators to protest in a non-violent way and to respect the dignity and worth of their fellow human beings.

"Be constructive, not destructive. History has proven time and again that non-violent, peaceful protest is the way to achieve the justice and equality that we all deserve," Lewis said in a statement to FOX 5.

Atlanta Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank also urged unity on Saturday.

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"Lawlessness, vandalism and intentionally upending the peace with any form of violence has never been productive and is not the answer," Blank said.

Atlanta police said in a statement late Saturday they had made more than 50 arrests as protesters threw rocks at officers and broke windows in the downtown area. A curfew was imposed after demonstrations Friday night turned violent with people setting fires and smashing windows at businesses and restaurants.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.