Two juveniles arrested for armed robbery in Newnan

Caught on camera, two armed robbers target a Newnan convenience store, and a nearby business owner says the robbers also threatened him.

Police say what's even more shocking about this case is the age of the accused robbers.

The store clerk asked the masked gunman, unmistakably a young robber, if it was a joke. And as he pointed the handgun as seen in this surveillance video, he replied this is no joke.

Newnan police have arrested the 16-year-old and a 15-year-old. Both masked, both charged with the serious felony crime of armed robbery.

Customers of the store, some parents, are in disbelief at the ages.

It happened last Sunday at an Exxon convenience store in the Summer Grove neighborhood of Newnan. At the car wash next door, a man, too frightened to go on camera, told me the teen with the gun stood at the corner of the building, looked at him and said, "you don't see nothing."

Newnan Police made a quick arrest and were surprised at how young the robbers were. Newnan police say the 16-year old's gun was stolen.  They are looking into his connection to the stolen firearm as well.