Two arrested after counterfeit bills passed in Pickens County

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Two people have been arrested in connection to a counterfeit money scheme, according to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office.

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Rachael Nicole Webb and De-Andre Jamahl Rice, both from the Cobb County area, were arrested on Thursday after police say they were passing off fake $50 bills in the Atlanta area.


Police told FOX 5 on Wednesday that someone had been passing off fake $50 bills at a fast food drive thru window. The first counterfeit bill was discovered at Bojangles in Jasper this past Saturday.

On Thursday, the Dalton Police Department caught the two people who have been accused attempting to use counterfeit money at a Bojangles in Dalton, and had hit four other stores within minutes of their arrest, according to police.

The Pickens County Sheriff's Office issued a warning Wednesday after several $50 bills and, at least, one $100 bill was passed in the county.

"These are some of the best we have seen. The reality of it is, and I will hold it up, It's actually a $5 Bill, so they are not using the picture of an image," Captain Kris Stencil remarked.

Deputies released images of the phony bills, which, they say, are printed on a $5 bill and have the same serial number JF08662079A.

Captain Stencil said several restaurants have been hit including Captain D's, Hardee's and the Family Dollar in Jasper.

Deputies say the culprits drove a unique purple, late modeled Ford Mustang on at least four occasions.