Twin panda cubs meet for the first time at Berlin zoo

It's double the cuteness at the Berlin zoo!

Two baby pandas met for the first time this week, sniffing around each other as their mom Meng Meng chewed away on some bamboo.

The twin siblings were born August 31, but have been cared for separately since giant pandas generally only have enough energy to raise one cub.

Zoo officials said the babies have spent alternating shifts of two to three hours at a time with their mother in order to give both cubs the best chance for survival.

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“There are only 1,864 adult pandas currently living in their natural habitat,” said the zoo's veterinarian, Dr. Andreas Knieriem. “As a result, every single new cub represents an important contribution to the conservation of the species.”

According to the zoo, the 7-pound cubs are getting stronger and more active every day, but will need a few more weeks to get their full mobility.

Zookeepers say a family trip with their mother to explore outside their enclosure is planned for next year.

The twins have not yet been named.