Travelers should plan for parking at Atlanta's airport this Thanksgiving

It's a good idea for travelers to plan ahead where they intend to leave a car as they get ready to catch a flight for Thanksgiving out of Atlanta

The North and South lots, the most heavily used city lots, are adjacent to the terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

With so many people expected to travel during the holiday week, those lots are going to be limited and may fill to capacity.

When that happens, motorists will see signs directing them to an Atlanta West Lot. That parking area is a mile away from the terminal. And parking there will require travelers take a train in order to get back to the terminal area.

It can be a little tricky and time-consuming when motorists attempt to navigate the West deck for the very first time. 

FOX 5 went inside the parking area Monday afternoon. One open spot that was located on the third level was a good eight-minute walk to where the next train pulls up. 

And the walk was done briskly without and children and holiday packages in tow.

So, fliers should plan enough time to avoid being rushed if the first choice for parking, by the terminal, is unavailable.

There is another option for those who choose not to use an on-sight parking lot.

There are commercial lots along Camp Creek Parkway. Shuttle drivers will transport travelers to the terminal.