Tractor-trailer becomes jammed under overpass in Ringgold

The Ringgold Police Department shared on Facebook this photo of a tractor trailer stuck under a low overpass along U.S. 41 on June 13, 2024. 

A tractor-trailer got stuck under a lower overpass near downtown Ringgold on Thursday afternoon. 

A photo that was shared by the Ringgold Police Department on its Facebook page shows the Publix truck wedged under the 11-foot-7-inch railroad overpass along U.S. 41 westbound. 

"A section of the windscreen on the semi and a portion of the trailer were crushed in the incident. 

The low-hanging overpass has flashing lights, warning signs, and chimes ahead of it. 

The average height of a tractor-trailer is about 13.5 feet. 

There has been no word as to whether there were any injuries. 

Several comments suggest this is not the first time this has happened and that some drivers ignore the warnings about the low overpass. 

Authorities asked drivers to avoid the area while crews worked to remove the tractor-trailer and assess any potential damage to the overpass.