Top tax filing mistakes

Some of you are already getting those tax refunds, but some of you haven't yet. Tax filing errors can cause a delay.

Nothing like turning everything in early then wondering why you haven't gotten your tax refund yet. Well, there are a few common filing errors that can cause that. Make sure you write these down so you'll know to check them off the list before you send off your return.

Let's take a look. Tax software is a great help because the most common mistake is bad math. It's easy to jot down the wrong number. But, if you type it wrong in one place, well, software can catch those mistakes. And that can cause a delay, but it can also mean paying more or perhaps getting less of a refund.

And believe it or not, the IRS says too many of us input our social security numbers wrong, and get this, we misspell our own names.

Here are three more big ones the IRS says can cause filing delays that can cost you. Wrong filing status. How? Well, you claim head of household rather than single. This link will help you decide which is right for you.

Incorrect bank numbers. That's in a way more bad math or inputting numbers incorrectly.  And get this, we forget to sign our returns. Yeah, in the end we sometimes don't sign our return.

And finally folks, we've talked about the Earned Income Tax Credit. This falls into the category of not knowing exactly how to figure out tax credits or deductions. Also in this category, not understanding the child and dependent care credit is a common error. This link, again, will be a big help.

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