Thieves bust car windows at the pump

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From East Point to Union City, police agencies in South Fulton County reported a new trend in crimes at the pump: thieves busting into car windows while people are fueling their cars. 

One victim reported to FOX 5 News, on Father's Day, thieves broke her window as she stood by her locked vehicle with her keys in her hand at the QT off Jonesboro Road and pumped gas. 

"These fools are out here... I was so mad at myself," said the victim, who wanted to by identified only as Keshauna. The mother said she tried to prepare for "slider" thieves by locking her doors, and was surprised by the ambush in that fashion.  

Thieves made off with her daughter's purse. 

No word if the perpetrators of these brazen crimes at gas stations are the same ones behind so-called "slider" crimes, where thieves target unlocked vehicles and steal a purse or a car. Law enforcement agencies have encouraged drivers to lock their car doors and remove the key from the ignition to protect yourself from these criminals. 

Union City Police said that although this type of crime is new in the city, the victim was not the first targeted in this manner. 

Days before, East Point Police said a similar crime happened at the BP on Main Street, as a woman parked at a pump; once the victim stepped away from her locked vehicle for just a few moments, thieves smashed in, stole valuables and drove off. 

Unlike further south, authorities in East Point said smash-and-grab crimes targeting vehicles at gas stations have happened numerous times before.  

Police said locking your car is not enough to protect your belongings from these types of criminals: hide your items in your trunk, in a locked dashboard or carry your purse while you pump gas.