Terminal A renovations complete at DFW Airport

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Renovations to the terminal and parking decks at DFW Airport’s Terminal A are officially completed, officials said Thursday.

The airport is in the middle of overhauling all four of its original terminal buildings. The improvements include updated security checkpoints, new dining options and check-in counters.

DFW said there’s now 50 percent more concession space in Terminal A than before, all with a modern look and feel. Some of the new restaurants include Salt Lick Barbecue and the Dallas Cowboys Club.

One of the biggest updates passengers will noticed – smooth Terrazzo flooring in place of the old tile floors so the thump-thump of roller bags is no more.

The most high-tech change is in the new parking garages, parts of which have already been open to the public. Overhead lights show open spots and guide people to different floors.

Renovations continue in the other DFW terminal buildings and expected to be done within a year.