Tennessee Aquarium makes splash with virtual programming

Chattanooga’s Tennessee Aquarium is home to some truly incredible animals, from the sleek Sandbar Shark and playful penguins, to the majestic Southern Stingray and inquisitive lemurs.  And just because the doors to the aquarium are closed right now, doesn’t mean families still can’t peek inside to see how the residents there are doing.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tennessee Aquarium has launched the Aquarium at Home page on its website, highlighting several virtual programs for families to enjoy.  First and foremost, the aquarium offers several live web cams, giving virtual visitors a chance to see the animals in action; areas featured include River Otter Falls, Penguins’ Rock, and the Secret Reef.  

The aquarium’s education team has also created a series called “Weekday Wonders,” which are released daily and designed for students in Pre-K through Fifth Grade. The series features activities aimed at various science themes, including “Where do animals live in your backyard?” and “What do plants need to live?”  — and the Question of the Day is also addressed live daily at 1:00 p.m. on the facility’s Facebook page.  Education Outreach Coordinator Bill Haley has also created a Naturalist’s Notebook blog aimed at kids — you can find “Mr. Bill’s Blog” here.

We recently Skyped in with the Tennessee Aquarium to get more information on the virtual programs currently being offered — and also to get a very special up-close visit with a penguin!  Click the video player to check it out.