Teens will be charged with murder as adults

Well, they are only 15 and 16 years old, but according to Atlanta police they have long criminal rap sheets.

Isaac and Charlie McDaniel have already been arrested for 30 crimes, including robbery and auto theft, and now you can add murder to that list. The teens are accused of killing a man in southwest Atlanta at a gas station. Thursday, they were in court to stand for those charges.

Police said this murder of Anthony Brooks happened at the Shell Gas Station on Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta a week ago Thursday. The 50-year-old victim apparently started calling the teen suspects out, saying that they were car thieves. According to a detective, that’s when Charlie McDaniels started pushing Mr. Brooks and then pulled out a gun. But they said it was his brother Isaac McDaniel who started firing first.

“The victim had started to basically call them out, Isaac McDaniel and Charlie McDaniel, and informed the public that, you know, these are the people, these are the guys who have been stealing everyone's cars in the area, and witness one said that he had tried to warn them, you know, keep your mouth shut or, you know, they are going to shoot you,” said Scott Berhalter, Atlanta Police Department.

One of the detectives said from the stands that he had so many encounters with these teens that he was not sure exactly how many.

“Numerous,” said Leon Delain with the Atlanta Police Department in response to questions from the State. “Let’s say over ten.”

Police said both teens are part of the “Down for Whatever” street gang. Delain said it was easy to identify.

“From social media, from talking to them. Isaac actually has a DFW tat across his knee,” said Delain.

Both their mother and father were also in court, and even their sister testified. In the end, the judge said there was enough evidence to proceed with murder charges against both of the brothers as adults.

The family of Mr. Brooks came over from his funeral to be a part of the hearing. They said they thought it was important enough. They declined to speak further, but said they were glad with the outcome of the hearing.