Teacher B.A.E. helping metro Atlanta teachers avoid burnout, hosting self-care event Sept. 30

Burnout among teachers has become a pressing concern in Metro Atlanta and across the nation. To address this issue, an organization known as Teacher B.A.E. is stepping in to provide educators with opportunities to recharge, just as the new school year begins. Applemania Bradford, representing Teacher B.A.E., joined a Good Day Atlanta to shed light on their mission and the importance of self-care for teachers, especially during Self-Care Month in September.

Teacher B.A.E., a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting educators, aims to empower teachers beyond the confines of the classroom. Their vision is to help teachers achieve balance and education while actively participating in their communities. Their approach revolves around raising awareness about self-care and implementing a balanced educational strategy.

Teacher burnout, as Bradford highlighted, stems from several factors, including inadequate salaries, insufficient funding, and a lack of necessary resources. Issues related to classroom management and student behavior can also significantly impact teacher burnout.

The interview emphasized the importance of regular check-ins and support for teachers, not just at the beginning of the school year but throughout the academic calendar. Teacher Bae advocates for frequent support, including mentorship and group support, to ensure teachers' well-being.

When discussing the concept of empowering educators beyond the classroom, Bradford stressed the importance of teachers taking care of themselves to better serve their students. Healthy teachers, both physically and mentally, are more capable of implementing effective teaching practices that positively impact student achievement.

Teacher B.A.E.'s mission as a nonprofit involves unifying teachers and serving the community. They focus on coaching and provide resources and workshops to enhance teaching practices.

The interview also touched upon the significance of parental involvement in supporting children's education. Bradford emphasized the role of parents as partners in creating a positive school community.

In closing, Bradford debunked the misconception that self-care is selfish and underscored its essential role in teachers' lives. She invited teachers to participate in the inaugural Back-to-School Self-Care event happening on Sept. 30 in Lithonia. This event will offer various self-care services and experiences for teachers, with the goal of helping them reset and recharge.

For more information about the upcoming event and Teacher B.A.E.'s initiatives, interested parties can visit their website at www.teacherbaeinc.org or follow them on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly known as Twitter) under the handle "TeacherBaeInc."