SURVEILLANCE: Driver ambushed by robbers

Atlanta police warned residents to be wary of armed robbers in the neighborhood beside the Georgia Dome, after two men ambushed a driver who was alone at his car.

Police said the man was a laborer at the Georgia Dome, and had parked within walking distance from his employment on Electric Avenue NW when two armed men approached him at his car. Police said the men held him up at gunpoint, as he begged for them to take everything as he ran away.

Video obtained to FOX 5 News from the Atlanta Police Department shows the frightening ordeal.

The robbers can be seen raising their weapons at the man, who said the keys were in the vehicle. The car had a push start ignition. The robbers eventually fled without the vehicle.

“They were very comfortable in their surroundings. They didn’t seem worried about passing vehicles,” said Lt. Azie Horne, commander of Atlanta’s robbery unit, who believe the men could possibly live nearby.

The men are described as being in their late teens to early twenties, and at least one man wore a distinctive black jacket with at least one arm patch.

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