Study claims Georgia job seekers could be making $7K less because of accent

((Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images))

Did you know that having a Southern accent could cost job seekers $7,000 a year? That's what a new study by University of Chicago and University of Munich revealed.

According to the research, people with strong regional accents face a wage penalty of 20% compared to those who speak with a "standard accent."

Additionally, a recent survey by the Writing Tips Institute found that over one-third (38%) of job seekers "soften" their regional twangs during job interviews. 

In fact, people with a Southern accent are No. 4 on the list of those most likely to hide their accents. Apparently, 45% of job applicants say they change the way they talk when applying for jobs.

The Southern accent is unique due to its distinctive pronunciation of vowels and consonants, a slower and more relaxed pace of speech, and a tendency to drop the final "g" sound in words that end in "-ing."

That means, job seekers in Georgia with a Southern accent could be losing $7,000 per year in earnings based on the average state salary of $48,000.

People who speak with a Western New England accent are No. 1 on the list followed by those with South Midland accent and New Jersey accent.

The Writing Tips Institute also found out in which industries workers are more likely to alter their accents. The top industry was real estate.

1. Real Estate
2. Tourism
3. Public Service
4. I.T.
5. Engineering
6. Hospitality
7. Finance
8. Retail.
9. Healthcare
10. Media
11. Education
12. Legal
13. Technology
14. Energy