Student announced lawsuit against Morehouse College

The man who claims he was a victim of sexual harassment at the hands of a Morehouse College employee is now suing the school.

Michael Key was flanked by his attorneys as that announcement was made during a news conference in Douglas County Monday.

Key recently posted a video online talking about the sexual misconduct he says he suffered and in the video, went on to say, when he alerted the school about the incident, he was ignored.

Key says it wasn't until after he posted the video, Morehouse contacted him.

Now, he says he's calling for change. During Monday's news conference, attorneys for Key say their client will also be seeking civil and criminal charges against crews

Morehouse has since announced they're investigation Key's claims.

School officials identified the employee in question as Demarcus Crews and say he has been put on administrative leave.

Morehouse College responded with the following released Monday:

"Morehouse College is committed to providing a safe environment free from sexual misconduct and discrimination. We will investigate and respond swiftly to any allegation of sexual misconduct.

"In the recent matter involving a student who made allegations against an employee on Twitter, the College is using a neutral third party for the investigation.

"The allegation is still under investigation. The employee alleged to be involved in the case has been placed on administrative leave, without pay, pending the outcome of the investigation.

"The College encourages anyone who feels that they are a victim of sexual misconduct at Morehouse to come forward and call the Ethics & Compliance Hotline at 888-299-9540."

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