String of break-ins in one community, thieves caught on camera

The Bartow County Sheriff's Office is investigating reports of several vehicle break-ins in one community. 

Neighbors, in the city of White, alerted deputies around 3 a.m. Friday. By the time investigators left, they had taken reports from six people. They are still investigating other cases.

People who live in the community say they've learned of a dozens cases through social media. Many victims posted home security pictures and videos in community groups.

Trio caught breaking into vehicles in Bartow Co. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

"I felt violated," says Katy Chastain. "It's upsetting, we never had anything like this happen in our area. It's scary and to know a few people around here had guns in their cars and those are missing."

Chastain tells FOX 5 thieves stole keys left inside of two of her family's vehicles. 

Investigators say at least three guns were stolen. One man told FOX 5's Kerry Charles his loaded AR-pistol was taken.

The thefts happened on or near Willow Circle NE, Laurel Way NE, and Ash Way NE.

Electronics and other personal items were also reported stolen.

Chastain says many of her neighbors are hunters and carry firearms. She wonders what could have happened had they encountered the thieves.

"If something terrible happened, like somebody trying to protect their home decides to hurt somebody that's scary."

Anyone who knows anything about these incidentis should contact the Bartow County Sheriff's Office.