Stone Mountain residents form community watch over recent shootings

Residents in one DeKalb County community are fed up with the amount of recent shootings in the area and are now taking it upon themselves to make a change.

Neighbors along To Lani Path in Stone Mountain say they've had enough of gunfire like they experienced on June 26 and 28 in their community.

"The bullet holes entered our home on the side, went through the TV, and basically took out the TV," Edward Wells said recounting the June 26 incident.

"We don't want this to go on anymore," Ignatius Okagbue explained.

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On June 28, DeKalb County police responded to another call of shots fired on the street. Officers say the shooter took off in a car and later ran away. They found drugs and weapons inside that car. The suspect was later apprehended.

Bullet holes are still visible on several vehicles over a week later.

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"I can't believe that it's at my house now, but I know I cannot afford to do nothing and leave it at my front door," Nathaniel Byrd said.

Neighbors are now coming together to make sure the gunfire stops. In the police reports for the June incidents, responding officer said residents claimed the gunfire stemmed from a vacant house on the street.

"Most of the houses have surveillance cameras," Byrd said. "Also during the night hours, you've got two people that's watching this house."

"It's great to know we can lean on our neighbors. That's why it's always good to be nice to your neighbors, because you never know when things like that come about," Wells added.

Everyone is hopeful their efforts will lead to change.

"Unless we start letting people know, 'Hey you can't set up shop here,' ain't nothing going to change," Byrd said. "That doesn't just go for our community. That goes for any community."