State orders Dekalb shelter not to accept animals

The DeKalb Animal Shelter is packed with dogs of all shapes and sizes.  A few weeks ago, there were 550 dogs in the shelter that has a maximum capacity of 470.  The shelter didn't have enough kennels for all of them.

"Because of overcrowding we had to use temporary housing crates so we weren't able to house the dogs comfortably," said Cheyenne Hoover with Lifeline Animal Project.

That's when the State Department of Agriculture got involved.

"The Department of Agriculture had to step in and do a stop intake order," said Hoover.

If someone brings an animal to the shelter, the Community Support Team can offer them information and resources, but can not allow the animal to be dropped off.

"They'd say, 'Sorry we have a stop intake order we're unable to bring the dog into the facility at this time,'" said Hoover.

The shelter has been holding free or reduced adoption rates, made a big push for fostering and they're telling people who find lost pets to post pictures on Nextdoor and social media to reunite them with their owner rather than dropping them at the shelter.

Russell Maraman heard about the problem. He's been thinking about getting a new dog, and thought this would be the place to do it. He found a 10-month-old, energetic pup.

"I was looking at shelters and knew they were hurting, so we figured we'd come look. Found this one and it just clicked," said Maraman.

With the help of people like Maraman, the number of animals in the shelter has dropped to 400, yet the stop intake order is still in place. Shelter officials are hoping the Department of Agriculture lifts it soon.