State investigating learning center after boy comes home with marks

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Bright from the Start, the state department that licenses and monitors daycare centers, is investigating a Downtown Atlanta learning center after a mother finds marks on her three-year-old son’s back while bathing him on March 17. She said he came home from Carol’s Daughter Learning Center with the marks.

"I noticed these marks on his back,” said Raavin Evans, the boy's mother.  “At the time I did not know what they were so I screamed 'Evan what is that on your back, what is on your back' and I got extremely emotional.”

The mother and Atlanta Public School teacher took Evan to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  According to medical documents, under the diagnoses it states “physical child abuse, initial encounter and multiple contusions.”

According to the Atlanta Police report, the doctor who treated Evan told the reporting officer “The markings on Evan’s back he believes he had been struck with a coiled cord.”

Evans said her son is having nightmares and is reenacting the terrifying experience.

“With my iPad charger whacking me across the back, telling me you do not listen, sit down, be quiet, you don't listen mommy, you don't listen mommy and hitting me across my back.”

A spokesperson with Bright from the Start tells FOX’s Five’s Nathalie Pozo, that they began investigating Carol’s Daughter Learning Center in Downtown Atlanta four days after the alleged abuse and it can take a couple of weeks to a month to complete the investigation, but this mother wants answers now.

“I need answers because at the end of the day it is my son and my household being affected,” said Evans.

Requests for comment from Carol's Daughter Learning Center were not returned.