State could rest case in Tex McIver murder trial as early as Tuesday

One of the doctors who tried to save Diane McIver's life said Tex McIver called one of the doctors "boy" during their death notification.

Dr. Marty Sellers is a surgeon at Emory University Hospital who said Diane was the first gunshot patient he has treated there.

Dr. Sellers said he and a colleague worked on Diane McIver for about an hour before they pronounced her dead at 12:45 a.m., Monday 26, 2017.

When Dr. Sellers and another surgeon went to inform Tex McIver of Diane's passing, the doctor said when they suggested the Atlanta attorney take a seat, McIver responded in a surprising manner.

"Don't tell me where to sit, boy," Dr. Sellers relayed to the jury. He went on to say he never saw Tex shed a tear during the notification.

Political commentator Bill Crane told jurors he was a 30-year friend of Tex McIver's and volunteered to help him manage this crisis. Crane said he advised Tex to get his story out to media outlets and they both agreed on what would be said to the AJC and the Fulton County Daily Report.

Crane said he agreed to include McIver's fear of Black Lives Matter protesters as the reason he asked for his gun in the first place.

McIver instantly started getting pushback about that comment and asked Crane to take it back, but Crane refused.

"I was not willing to lie, to put my reputation and family at risk for something he definitely told me," Crane exclaimed.

Crane said McIver asked him repeatedly, to fall on the sword and say he got it wrong, but Crane refused.

The public relations specialist said he still considers McIver a friend and will do anything to help him.

The state is expected to rest its case Tuesday or Wednesday.

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