Spalding County comes together to help after strong tornadoes tear through community

Communities hit hard by last week's severe weather struggle to recover. People in Spalding County spent the holiday weekend clearing debris and trying to get their lives back to normal, but progress will take time and many still do not have power.

Driving through Griffin, Georgia, crews can be seen working tirelessly to get the power turned back on for these devastated homes. While these crews are working, they are also church groups and other volunteers working to restore some other basic needs

"Various people who still don’t have power, they don’t have a roof right now we’re just trying to aide them and give them something they can take home, canned food, blankets to take home, tarps for any damage," said Morgan Hosch of City Church

City Church, located on the corner of Solomon and 5th Street, were making a very organized effort to get people what they need after Thursday’s storms and devastation. People have donated supplies and time to help neighbors in need.  

Thirteen-year-old Parker Brown took his day off school to load up cars.

"Today, I’ve been loading up cars and taking things out of buggies after they go pick everything out," said volunteer Parker Brown.

Brown says the storms missed his home, but they did not miss Geroldine Thomas.

"It was awful, it was scary, it really was," Thomas said.

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The Griffin community spent the Dr. Martine Luther King Jr. holiday to continues to recovery as strong tornadoes tore through their community last Thursday. (FOX 5)

She says when they got an alert on their phones, she and her 10-year-old grandson took cover.

"I told him we better take cover because it’s coming straight out way," Thomas said.

Luckily, they were not hurt. But, they lost power.  

As they stay with family, Thomas said she is so grateful for these supplies to help them out as they give her a place to stay.

City Church workers say they could still use your time and your donations. They will open their doors again Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.