Frustrated South Fulton residents call on Mayor Kamau to resign; Fulton County DA investigating mayor

Some South Fulton residents are calling on the mayor to resign after his weekend arrest.

They say the so-called leader has been a disappointment, and is bringing the city down at this point.

In another development, the Fulton County DA's office confirmed it, too, is investigating the South Fulton Mayor, but Fani Willis' office declined to state what the topic of that investigation is.

Five South Fulton residents, who love their new city, sat down with FOX 5 Monday afternoon.

All five said the city was on the rise, despite Mayor Khalid Kamau's trespass and burglary arrest and behavior that they claim has continued to deteriorate.

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"He is fortunate that he was not shot. You can be shot now sitting at Starbucks. Using that narrative that ‘I was just walking my dog and looking at a $700,000 house' and you are on the South Fulton mayor salary … none of that makes any sense at all," homeowner Otis Strong said.

In an interview with WABE last year, Kamau revealed he makes a salary of about $37,000 as mayor. FOX 5 has not independently confirmed this amount.


Mayor Khalid Kamau was arrested Saturday morning for trespassing and burglary at a Lakefront property on Cascade Palmetto Highway.

City of South Fulton Mayor Khalid Kamau (Credit: Fulton County Jail)

A police report about the incident indicates the homeowner held the mayor until police arrived.

"He already admitted that he tresspassed right and there's been a psychological evaluation that's been ordered by a judge, so he needs to step down and get his mental health in check," resident Wander Thornton said.

The mayor told FOX 5 over the weekend, he made a mistake.

"I just wanted to see the house. I do apologize for the negative publicity this is bringing our city'" Kamau said Saturday. 

These residents say enough is enough.

"Everything with him is about him. At this point, it should be about the city because like you just said, he's been making us look bad for a while. Put the city first for a change," resident Tiffiany McCune said.

FOX 5 tried to reach the mayor for comment Monday, but was not successful.

The Mayor's chief of staff Yusuf Oyway said the mayor would reach out, but we have not heard from him as of the posting of this article Monday night.