South Fulton police search for armed home invasion suspects: ‘It's the sign of the times’

A camera provided investigators with a clue after a home invasion in the 200 block of Woodmill Way in South Fulton. Police released a grainy picture that they say shows the getaway car.

"In the 3.5 years that I have been here, I've never heard of anything happening in this community so it's very alarming and shocking to me that there was a home invasion," one neighbor said.

Investigators say the home invasion happened around 6 AM Tuesday morning when some bold burglars held up several people inside of their home.

"It's the sign of the times we are living in that people are desperate," the neighbor said. "People work hard for their money and for everything that they have and for someone to come along and want to take that's very insulting."

Police say the suspects were able to get away with some items before they took off in a four-door sedan that appears gray or silver.

Neighbors say they will soon be upping security.

"We're a close-knit community here everybody works hard in the community, we look out for each other, so we're going to have to install some cameras that will help us increase our security," the neighbor said.

That neighbor has one message for the crooks responsible.

"Get a job and stop stealing," he said. "Everybody works hard, if you ask there are people out here who will help you there are resources that you can get."

If you know anything, call South Fulton Police.