South Cobb HS student shot and killed; warrants out for 15-year-old

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A 16-year-old South Cobb High School student was gunned down Saturday afternoon. Police believe the shooter is just 15 years old. As of Tuesday, he was still on the run. 

The shooting happened at the Croma Apartment complex in Austell just before one in the afternoon. The shots were fired right outside Julius Edwards' apartment. He went running outside and said he saw a young boy bleeding.  

"One of the neighbors was trying to put pressure on one wound, I'm trying to look for a hole and trying to keep him awake," said Edwards. 

Police said Nimar Kelly had been shot multiple times. He was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it. He was 16 years old. 

Police said Kelly was visiting someone at the apartment complex when another teenager showed up ready to fight. 

"Witnesses said the suspect arrived at the location for a physical altercation with the victim, during that altercation the suspect produced a firearm, shooting the victim," said Cobb County Police Officer Neil Penirelli. 

Police have warrants out for a 15-year-old. They have not released his name. 

Kelly went to South Cobb High School where friends say everyone felt his loss. 

"Everybody was crying. They just put us in a room, and we were all hugging each other, crying and talking about him. The counselor was trying to cheer us up, it worked a little, but there's still the fact that he's not here today," said Antonio Bussey, who is a close friend.