Sorority uses social media to shatter stereotypes

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Credit: Beta Gamma chapter of Delta Zeta at the University of Louisville

Members of a sorority in Louisville, Kentucky, took to their chapter Facebook on Wednesday to shatter sorority stereotypes.

The sisters of the Beta Gamma chapter of Delta Zeta at the University of Louisville shared more than 35 photos with a cliché written on one hand, and a truth on the other. “We are more than a stereotype. We are strong, independent women with many accomplishments and goals,” the post said.

“We are bilingual, doctors, engineers, hunters, lawyers, and so much more.”

Below is a statement that regarding the chapter's involvement in the campaign:

Delta Zeta at the University of Louisville is a chapter of approximately 140 women that was founded in 1928.

There have been several campaigns at the University of Louisville in which students have challenged various stereotypes that many of them have faced. Allison Cook, the UofL’s Delta Zeta chapter Public Relations Chairman, wanted to do something similar to try to break the stereotypes that society has created about sorority women. After seeing similar projects from other chapters that were taking part in the #BreaktheStereotype campaign, she decided to try to make it even bigger by having our chapter participate. The chapter was quick to jump on board, and because we wanted people to see the values that sorority women live by. We want those stereotypes to change.

We feel this is important because the media often portrays sorority women, and Greek life in general, in a negative light. We want people to know the reality, which is quite the opposite of the stereotype that most of society has about us. The sorority women I have had the privilege of knowing are the most driven, intelligent, caring, and talented people I have ever met. Many of our members have to work one or two jobs in order to pay their own bills and tuition. Over half of our chapter maintains a GPA of over 3.5. Each of our members volunteer for 25 hours per semester, which many of them exceed. The list of how hard we work and the achievements we have could go on and on, and this is only one example; there are many other sorority chapters with similar stories across the nation. In fact, we have invited other women on the University of Louisville’s campus to join us in the campaign, and are hosting an event for them to do so.

The national response we have gotten from the campaign is absolutely incredible. Men and women that are members of fraternities and sororities from across the nation are sharing and commenting their support on our original Facebook post. I think this strong, positive response speaks to the truth behind our message.

We believe that Greek life is about brotherhood and sisterhood, improving ourselves and improving the world around us. We work incredibly hard to do this, and we don't want any negative and untrue thoughts to stand in our way.