Sophisticated scammers targeting people in Atlanta

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Scammers in Atlanta are targeting a very specific kind of victim.

The scam is so detailed and the credentials look so legitimate, it's managed to trick some very savvy people out of thousands of dollars.

Christina, an Atlanta-based real estate agent says a man called from a local number claiming to be an officer of the law.

"It came up as the Fulton County Sheriff's Department," she said.

The scammer even invited Christina to Google the number for verification, and once it showed it was truly a local number, she says she was convinced.

"Then all of the story he was telling me was based in my belief that I was getting a call from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office," she said.

But the number was spoofed or mirrored.

Christina said she began to buy into the story that she had a bench warrant out for failing to appear for a grand jury summons. The scam artist calmly gave her detailed instructions to go buy prepaid debit cards to mail in as bond for the warrant.

All the way he claimed the situation was serious. 

"He's telling you what all of your addresses are and that he is locked into the GPS on your phone so they know where you are and if you disconnect at any time, they are going to send the police," she said.

She ended up staying on the phone for hours, completing the steps and purchasing nearly $3,000 in prepaid debit cards from a nearby grocery store. The scammer even provided a real government mailing address and told her to mail the envelope in an outside box at the post office.

It wasn't until later when Christina said she researched the scam, called police and filed a report.

Thankfully she says she was able to work with authorities to retrieve the mail and cards before it was too late. 

She said she was shocked she got taken by the scam.

"I believe I am super smart, but I will tell you, they hit the fear in you immediate," she said.