Some of $175,000 returned after money melee on I-285

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Drivers were seen slamming on their brakes Tuesday evening along Interstate 285 all to try to grab some of the $175,000 flew out of an armored truck and through the air

It happened Tuesday night near Ashford Dunwoody. Police said the money fell out of a moving armored car when a door swung open. Dunwoody Police shared with FOX 5 News one of many videos that have been circulating on social media.

Randrell Lewis was in the middle of it all.

"I thought it was leaves flowing through the air but when I got closer it was really cash. My instinct was to pull over and collect as much as I can," said Lewis. 

Lewis said he picked up $2,100.

Dunwoody Police warned people, keeping the money is against the law.

"This is someone's money, it's not free money, it belongs to someone it needs to get back to them," said Dunwoody Police Sgt. Roberts Parsons.

Lewis said the money had been weighing on his heart and when he learned it was considered theft, he turned it over to police.

"I felt relieved, just knowing that it's going to the right place," said Lewis.

While he was handing his money over to police, there were others still looking for some quick cash. Julius Murray and Rodtavious Watts were searching the side of the interstate Wednesday evening.

"Yo, like it's cash on the ground," said Murray.

"I'm trying to find what they didn't find, trying to find some money," said Watts. 

"We investing in ourselves today, that's how I look at it," said Murray.

As of Wednesday night, Police said five people turned in money. About $4,400 of the $175,000 has been recovered.

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