Some Georgia voters concerned their votes will not be counted

Several metro Atlanta voters said they cast their ballots during in-person early voting, but the state electronic voter page does not show their ballot was accepted.

Emmaline Harmon cast her very first ballot ever with her mom last week.

The 18-year-old DeKalb County resident has become an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement and said she was looking forward to really adding her voice to the masses.

After not seeing her ballot was accepted on the Georgia My Voter Page website, she became disillusioned.

"Obviously, I was excited to turn 18 and let my voice be heard, even in a small way. So, for this to happen, it is very disappointing," the new voter lamented.

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FOX 5 interviewed a Fulton County voter who had the same problem.

She, her husband, and son thought their civic duty was done until they saw a Facebook post from friends about ballots that were not being counted.

"I went into My Voter Page, mine was accepted, my son's was accepted, but my husband's was not,” the woman revealed.

The wife and mom reported the problem to the Fulton County Board of Elections, but she say the office could not explain why the discrepancy happened.

FOX 5 posed the question to Fulton County Board of Elections director Richard Barron during a news conference Thursday. He indicated he had heard of the problem but was very vague in his answer.

“Poll workers did tell us there were storage problems the first three days of voting, but we are in the midst of having a team audit what occurred to ensure that every ballot is counted," The elections director said.

Late Thursday afternoon, the Georgia Secretary of State's office said it could confirm the votes were counted for the two voters in our story, but there were many others who had similar issues on social media platforms.

The best advice to all voters is to check to confirm that the vote has been counted on the Georgia My Voter Page website under absentee ballot status.

The voters who spoke to FOX 5 admit their faith in the system is waning.

"Everyone's vote needs to be counted. Our faith in the system is super important,' Emmaline's mom," voter Julia Franklin concluded.