Site reveals little known data breaches

We hear all too frequently about big companies being hacked. But there are data breaches that you don't hear about that can also impact you.

With the big breaches, particularly at big companies, there's an announcement, an email, a letter, something that alerts you to take precautions. But, as you said, there are smaller breaches and you may not always hear about those.

So I asked around the newsroom, "Has your identity been breached lately, as far you know?" Well, every time the answer was 'no.'  But you can check. Did you know that?

Take a look at the website  Put your email address username in there and it'll take search little-known data breaches for you.

Here's what we found in the newsroom. Good Day Atlanta's executive producer put in an email address. And it came back, "Oh no. Pwned!" Her email address was part of two breaches. This was news to her.

"I had no idea," Amy Oates said.

Next to her another GDA manager.  But good news.  No breaches.  We tried one more producer.  'Oh no,' again! Breaches. A few of them.

Now you can also ask the site to notify you if your address comes up a data breaches it tracks.

Here's  what you do if you get bad news.  Do something because research reveals that one in three data breach victims become fraud victims.


  • Change passwords connected to breach
  • If that password is used anywhere else, change it.
  • Check your credit report for anything odd.
  • Connect with credit reporting agencies.  Get a fraud alert attached to your account.