Should motorized scooters be allowed on the BeltLine?

There's a new electric scooter in town that's generating excitement and concern. It’s call Bird and the scooter rental service has exploded in Atlanta over the past few weeks. But there's one problem, the motorized vehicle is banned from the BeltLine, one of the main places people want to ride them.

That hasn’t stopped many from taking them out there. FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell spotted many riders early Thursday evening. But according to BeltLine policy, they should not be there. In fact, no motorized vehicles are allowed on the urban trails unless they are wheelchairs or official government vehicles.

But users want that to change and hope the BeltLine will change its policy.

“When you eliminate those places where else would you ride them?” one scooter user asked.

But some walkers are nervous about letting them hit the trails.

“They make me nervous they are on top of you before you know’s a risk. I wish they had some way of giving you a warning,” one resident said.

“People think that people on the Bird scooters go too can go just as fast on a bike or skateboard…my one sidewalks or on the road,” said another resident.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. told FOX 5 News it is re-evaluating its policy for motorized vehicles as technology evolves and the group's leaders plan to meet with Atlanta Police's Path Force Unit to discuss safe usage on trails.

Atlanta City Councilmember Michael Julian Bond is confident they'll find a middle ground. He's worked closely with Bird representatives

“They have folks that literally go out and scoop them up and charge them and replenish...we are going to walk through this carefully,” Bond said.

“I think perhaps if there is a designated spot for people...a better compromise for the two parties,” one walker said.