Suspended Clayton Sheriff Victor Hill's cruiser spotted in Grand Theft Auto video game

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office is getting some love from a modded version of the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

Embattled Sheriff Victor Hill had his "Black Hawk" cruiser added to LSPDFR, a single-player modded version of the popular game "Grand Theft Auto" on PC. The mod piggybacks off the GTA V software, but turns it into a law enforcement-centric simulator.

A tweet posted to Hill's account shows his specialized traffic enforcement unit digitally transformed into the in-game city of Los Santos, a homage and parody of Southern California.

"'Grand Theft Auto' Gamers solidified the legendary ‘Black Hawk’ Traffic Enforcement Unit by placing their patrol car in the game! Can’t wait for the return of the Sheriff and his elite units!" Hill's tweet reads.

The screen grab of the vehicle shows the original poster, DeVante Spencer, who is active in the LSPDFR world. On the official forum, he has asked for help to add other law enforcement vehicle skins to GTA vehicles from Clayton County, Henry County, and other metro Atlanta municipalities.

"Sheriff Victor Hill has taken over Los Santos, newly created BlackHawks Traffic Enforcement unit is scanning traffic for speeders. Slow Down in Los Santos or Sheriff Hill will sit you down," Spencer wrote in his original post.

Rockstar Games, the creator of "GTA," and its publisher Take-Two Interactive, have a love-hate relationship with mods and modders. They frown upon online modding which interferes with its multiple-player game, but in a 2017 statement said they will not seek legal action against third parties who are not seeking to profit from single-player mods. Rockstar Games wrote the company believes "in reasonable fan creativity, and, in particular, wants creators to showcase their passion for our games."

As of the end of 2021, "GTA V" has sold more than 160 million copies worldwide across all platforms. It recently released a version for third-generation gaming consoles.

While Sheriff Victor Hill's cruiser has hit the streets of Los Santos, it is not yet known when or if he will be returning to patrolling the streets in Clayton County. Hill was suspended by Gov. Brian Kemp last June after being indicted on charges he violated the civil rights of multiple Clayton County Jail inmates by strapping them into restraint chairs for hours at a time. Hill disputes those charges and has pled not guilty in federal court. He remains free on bond. His next court date was not immediately known.