Several dozen shots fired during Walton County SWAT standoff

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Investigators spent Wednesday evening marking several dozen locations where shells were found along a street in the Morgans Landing subdivision, located about three miles outside the city of Monroe.

The neighborhood was placed on lockdown after the Walton County sheriff said David Cook, who lives in a home at the end of a cul-de-sac, kept deputies at bay armed with what was initially described as an AR-15 rifle and several handguns.

“We don't know what direction he was aiming the fire. We couldn't get any further then the hill top. When the deputies approached at this hill top he would open fire on them and they couldn't go any further than the crest of the hill here,” said Sheriff Chapman.

The sheriff said Cook kept fire at deputies as they tried to approach from a hill in front of Cook's home. Deputies said they were initially called to the neighborhood after receiving a call from the suspect's brother.

Sheriff Chapman sent out word through FOX 5 News, social media and other sources for residents to stay in their homes and out of the subdivision. Barry Hardy was working on his truck when he heard what thought was firecrackers.

“And then we heard it again and said no it's not and then we heard it again, like pow, pow, pow, right and that’s when we went in the house,” said Hardy.

SWAT took up position, leading to nearby roads closed. Some were stranded temporarily, others like Cindy Fields were told to get out of their homes.

“They told us to leave, so I turned around and went in the neighborhood behind me. I went through their backyard, broke down their fence, and got my daughter out,” said Fields.

About an hour into the standoff, the sheriff said a Georgia State Patrol helicopter was in a better positon to convey Cook’s position to the SWAT team members on the ground. Sheriff Chapman said it was a huge help in looking for the right opportunity to subdue Cook.

The sheriff said Cook was arrested in his garage with a weapon’s magazine in hand, after he fired off a volley of gunfire. Investigators believe upwards of sixty rounds were fired by Cook during the standoff.

“He kept making the statement ‘Why didn't you shoot me? Why didn't you shoot me?” said Sheriff Chapman.

In the end, Cook was in custody and miraculously no one was injured.

Kerri McKenzie, a neighbor, was shocked by the turn of events.

“I didn't expect this to happen at all. This is, not characteristic of him at all. Has he ever made any threats or? Never, I've never felt uncomfortable around him ever,” said McKenzie.

Sheriff Chapman said his men never fired a shot, pointing out Cook shot out the windshield of his own car in his driveway. Cook was taken to the Walton County Detention Center.

Neighbors said he and his wife have lived at the home about a year and a half.

Sheriff Chapman said deputies had not responded to the home until Wednesday afternoon.