Senoia smells and it's not the zombie apocalypse

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That smell is not zombies! Despite Senoia being the home to The Walking Dead, the nasty odor lingering in the air is not that of the apocalypse.

People living in one neighborhood in Senoia are complaining about what comes out of the sewer when it rains.

"It's a poop fountain," James Anderson, Springdale subdivision resident.

There is the small geyser of raw sewage that spews from a Senoia manhole when it rains.  But there is a constant odor in the neighborhood even on beautiful sunny days.

"It is putrid. Let's just put it that way," said Anderson.

SKYFOX Drone surveyed the area. The manholes seem to be the problem area along Coweta Street. The resident across said they see the sewage when it rains and have to deal with the constant odor.

"It smells like if you stood over a septic tank," said Anderson.

The residents said they have complained to Senoia City Hall and they are waiting for a response. So is FOX 5 News.